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The company "Soliton Group" has been created in 1992. There is one of the leading companies on sale of consumer electronics and home appliances. Main principle of the company - import, sale, service of leading world marks Azerbaijan. In 2002 the company became the exclusive distributor of brand ВЕКО in Azerbaijan. In nominations "The Project of year” for successful creation of a service network in Azerbaijan there was give a premium "INTELLEKT-2005". İn 2006 company “BEKO" has included "Soliton Group" in ten the best clients in the world. Also in a nomination "The Brand of year" were give premiums " Caspian Energy Integration Award-2006” and "Caspian Energy Integration Award-2007 ".

During activity of the company the wide network of the partners providing operative and qualitative service on places has been created. Developed dialers the network of the company covers all territory of Azerbaijan. Constantly working above the offer for clients of the best goods, the company aspired to lead more researches and development to provide good service. As result, it could develop the business and to become one of the in the lead companies in the field of consumer electronics and home appliances. Strategic goals “Soliton Group" is promotion on the market of new advanced marks, and also gains of superiority in sphere of sales and services and developments of long-term attitudes with clients.

Soliton Group became the official distributor of the "DIGI’’ in 2005 which is a leading company in packaging and weighing industrial and commercial equipment and was established in 1934. Soliton Group began cooperating with famous Turkish brands- Karaca and Casper in 2008 and 2009.

Soliton Group became the official distributor of Grundig which has been the leading brand in the sound and visual systems sector since 2006.

As a result of the efforts of the Grundig manufacturers, this brand has been one of the leaders in technology manufacturing companies which produces electrical engineering and digital in the world. The main purpose of the company is to meet the needs of its customer and constantly meeting their interests.

In 2010, the Soliton Group, which expanded its distribution activities, became the exclusive distributor of the famous American brand ‘’Black and Decker’’ that is the world leader in home-made products and Japanese "Brother" specializing in office and home products. Apart from home products, the Soliton Group added The French furniture brand Gautier, one of the world-renowned furniture brands into its distribution list.

The specialized French furniture company has gained the trust of a wide range of buyers around the world for over 50 years.

Soliton Group became the exclusive distributor of the Spanish brand Lacor in 2013. Lacor offers a wide range of products suitable for use but is not only for home use, but also professional.

The Soliton family, which has successfully continued its activities in the supermarket, opened its doors in April 2016 in Azerbaijan.

With over 4,500 square meters of sales in the country, with over 20,000 product range, cafés, drugstores and over 500 Car Parking, Neptune Hypermarket, featured in the Soliton shop inside started being used by its customers.

In October 2015, Soliton Group announced a new success by opening a new Soliton Mebel furniture store. Furniture store which sells famous brands such as Turkish brands Area, Sofanni, Medmo and French brands Gami and Gautier in cash and installments opened its first store which is situated in 20C Asif Maharramov Street (nearby Memar Ajami underground).

Soliton Group got distributor of Kilim which has been in Turkey for more than 40 years since 2015 to advance and expand the furniture industry. This is a very functional and leading designer.

Kilim Furniture , which has been operating in Azerbaijan for more than 10 years and has been in  4 separate parts of Baku for a short time gave its stores for use by its customers. Soliton Group got distributorship of ‘’Mondi’’ which has been recognized as one of the key brands in Turkey’s furniture sector since 2017.

Currently, we have furniture stores operating both in Baku and in the regions. Products of Mondi are also sold here.

The same year, the German brand Riffel, which produces household appliances and electronics, is officially in charge joined the distributor list. Complying with German quality standards for reliability and consumer convenience.

Featured in innovative products, Riffel facilitates the lives of its users, while saving the human comfort develops sustainable technology. Riffel products are distinguished by their functionality, timeless design and quality.

Soliton Group, which is constantly expanding its range of activities, has launched a sale of true Turkish quality kitchen furniture since 2018. Designed to suit tastes of the customers, the kitchen furniture has the same style and quality is.

Our other success in the kitchen sector is to become official distributor of Evimsaray brand, which has made its name in the Turkish culinary sector. Evimsaray, which has been operating for over 45 years, is made of stainless steel has won customers' attention with its products.

Throughout its operations, Soliton Group has established a wide network of dealer services that provide fast and quality service. Wide dealer network of the company covers all regions of Azerbaijan. As a result, all these are the proof that company is leading the home appliances and electronics market.

In addition to providing home-based and electronics products, the company researches continuously in order to offer its customers new services.

The main strategy of the company is to bring new world brands to the Azerbaijani market, as well as to gain the first place in service industry sales and service and build long-term relationships with customers.