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Beko participated in Baku Food Fest 2019!

11 july, 2019

The ‘’ Eat Like A Pro’’ initiative that Beko and FC Barcelona announced a while ago will be one of the key program in the new sponsorship period. The 'Eat Like A Pro' aims to make healthy eating and sports a part of children’s live by imitating the athletes they adore. Obesity in childhood, which has become a global problem, has already reached an alarming rate. Therefore Beko and FC Barcelona have launched a campaign against #EatLikeAPro. The main purpose of the campaign is to make children love and educate them about healthy foods so that they can grow up to be healthy and active individuals.

In the summer of 2019, we participated with this our goal in the Food Festival which was being held in the capital city- Baku, from May 14th. We shared this campaign with thousands of people with much delicious recipes, especially healthy vegetables. Famous bloggers - Caspian Vogue, Kenan Badalov, Sabina Shahi and others introduced everyone to healthy recipes approved by the FC Barcelona food experts. Everyone who was familiar with this project was familiar with not only healthy recipes, but also to the taste of these dishes, cocktails and soups.

In order for children to be healthy, we must first encourage them to eat healthy. Healthy eating is one of the most important steps in the future!