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New technologies in Riffel washing machines!

29 january, 2021

The new Riffel Inverter motor washing machine will be quieter and use less energy.

Thanks to the "Dirt Sensor" technology in the Riffel washing machine, which will make your life easier with its innovations, you can wash your clothes at the right time according to the level of dirt. This will save both energy and water.

Dirty level
When meeting various dirty level of laundry, and user can select dirty level function to add main wash time. 3 levels to select, levels add around 15 min, 30 min, 45 min.

Inverter Motor
With the Inverter Motor, your washing machine is long-lasting and durable. This technology creates reliability in your washing machines with high durability, lower energy consumption and less noise function.

Spa care
This consept is to have water filled in before main washing program, and heat to up to 70 degree to generate the steam. This circle will lasts 15-30 min.And the main advantage of SpaCare is to 99.99% sterilize and de-odorize the laundry.