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New Beko HarvestFresh technology!

26 september, 2020

Innovative HarvestFresh™ technology in our fridge freezers preserves vitamins in fruit and vegetables for longer. HarvestFresh™ is a unique crisper drawer technology developed for Beko that uses innovative 3 colour light technology, to cleverly mimic the 24 hour sun cycle. This preserves vitamins in fruits and vegetables for longer. 

You can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with more nutritious meals than ever. In the morning, during the first four hours of its cycle, the crisper lights will shine blue, mimicking dawn and the first light of the day.

HarvestFresh™, maintains the benefits of vitamins in your fresh produce as night draws in. 

The crisper drawers then turn dark for 12 hours to represent night-time. The innovative 3 colour technology ensures that fruit and vegetables are exposed to a similar light cycle as they would be, when still growing outdoors, in their natural environment. This preserves vitamins A and C for longer to support a healthier lifestyle.